``LAST CHANCE`` Denmark Premiere / with Mohamed Hoblos Live

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Popular Sydney Islamic speaker Mohamed Hoblos joins us LIVE in theatres to address the audience before the show begins.

OnePath Network is premiering it’s first ever short film in cinemas. Written and directed by Youtube sensation Kamal Saleh of “Talk Islam”, the film “LAST CHANCE” will be one to remember starring Mohamed Hoblos and Steve Dabliz. The film is inspired by true events and will aim to highlight the plight of Muslim youth dealing with worldly temptations, drugs and fast money.

The film is a long form short film running for approximately 45 minutes. It will also feature no musical instruments apart from vocals and percussion.

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  • Copenhagen 7 May 18:00
  • Copenhagen 7 May 19:30
  • Aarhus 8 May 18:00
  • Helsingborg 9 May 16:45
  • Helsingborg 9 May 18:15

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